The shop is 100% organic. Here, you will find fresh varieties of fruits and vegetables made by local producers who preserve nature with land stewardship contracts, meat and diary products, and dry products such as pasta, beans, biscuits or cereals. The shop strives to completely fill its shelves with organic products that support local producers and promote sustainable consumption, all at a really affordable price for both producers and costumers.

Tasting area

El Rebost tasting area is where you can taste and experience our fresh, seasonal products from local varieties. Here you can eat many of the products available in the shop: buffets of cured meats, seasonal fruits, jams, salads and creams, as well as pasta dishes and burgers.

The vegetable garden

The Can Moragues vegetable garden is a 3.000 sq. meter space with different functions: in addition to growing our own ingredients there, it’s a showing space of local varieties and a lab for High Natural Value Farming.

The estate

The estate of Can Moragues also contains many other projects dedicated to linking nature and society. Fundació Emys, an organization dedicated to biodiversity conservation and sustainable management through land stewardship promotion, is located here. It’s also the headquarters of l’Obrador, a jams and sauces production plant that employs people at risk of social exclusion by processing organic fruits and vegetables from local organic and nature friendly farmers.

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