The origin of Fundació Emys 

In 1987, a group of people from Ruidarenes created an association dedicated to preserving the biodiversity of their local area- particularly the endangered turtle species emys orbicularis, from which the association derived its name. Today, the Foundation promotes preservation of biodiversity and sustainable land management through land stewardship contracts managed with a high natural value approach.

The Can Moragues estate

In 2011, the town of Ruidarenes gifted Can Moragues to Fundació Emys with the purpose of using this space to demonstrate to the public the organisation’s work for nature conservation and sustainable development, at both the environmental and social level.

Collaboration with Fundació Astres 

We wish to do our part for the social inclusion of all in our community. Therefore, we entered into a partnership with Fundació Astres, through which we provide members of vulnerable groups in our area with employment opportunities suited to their needs.

From the collaboration of these two foundations comes Can Moragues: a meeting point between society and nature that works to inspire societal transformation by creating practical examples of sustainable development in our country.

Can Moragues jams and sauces

The first step taken in this partnership of environmental and social sustainability was the Obrador of Can Moragues, a centre of production of ecological jams and sauces made from local, organic fruits and vegetables. The products are made by disadvantaged people in our area, using high-quality ingredients from local producers that work together with Fundació Emys to conserve nature.  

The garden 

The 3000 square meter garden of Can Moragues is a demonstrable example of high natural value agriculture, open to the public, in which we grow local varieties that we supply to producers we are in land stewardship agreements with. We invite the public to visit the garden and get to know the diversity of our local varieties, and the sustainable ways of producing them. Apart from functioning as a showing space, the garden is an ongoing experiment in high natural value farming, and also helps to supply the restaurant, El Rebost.

A pathway to a new agricultural model 

The second step is El Rebost. We take a holistic approach to biodiversity conservation by cultivating the local varieties that retain their familiar taste, the same as is nostalgically remembered by our grandparents, some of whom safeguarded seeds of plant varieties that with time disappeared from our local area- we are now bringing them back.   

Enjoy and eat healthy 

The new menu proposed by Sergi de Meià focuses on healthy and sustainable products of the highest gastronomic quality. The key to all our dishes are local, seasonal ingredients with tastes unchanged by time, that safeguard the culture and nature of our land.

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