The shop is a selling point 100% organic were you might find from fresh local varieties of fruits and vegetables and local producers who preserve nature with land stewardship contracts, to durable products such as pasta, beans, Biscuits or cereals. The shop wants to be a space were the organic product completely full the shelfs to promote the organic local consumption from local farmers at a really affordable price form the consumer and the Producer.

Tasting area

“ El Rebost” tasting area is where we you can taste and experience our fresh local season products from local varieties. Here we can eat many of the products available in the shop in different ways: raw, cooked, blended or detexturized

The Vegetable Garden

Can Moragues vegetable garden is a 3.000 sq. meters’ space with different functions: it’s a productive space, a show room of local varieties and a lab for High Natural Value Farming.

The tenue

The tenure of Can Moragues contains also many other projects dedicated to link nature and society. Fundació Emys, an organization dedicated to biodiversity conservation and sustainable management through land stewardship promotion is located here. IT’s also remarkable the project of l’Obrador, a jams and sauces production plant that occupies people under risk of exclusion by processing organic fruits and vegetables from local organic and nature friendly farmers.
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