Space focussed to show local varieties through an essential and organic cuisine that aims a maximum relevance to the quality our products.
35 hectares of agroforest tenue produced following the HIG Natural Values criteria, with local seeds and conceived as a visiting space.
Showroom and testing area on High Natural Value Farming, as well as local varieties seed bank, to show citizenship cultivated biodiversity.


The startings of Fundació Emys

In 1987, in Riudarenes an associative movement starts to run focussed in biodiversity preservation. Later known as Fundació Emys, promotes biodiversity preservation and sustainable land management through land stewardship contracts.

Can Moragues

In 2011 the town of Riudarenes gives to Fundació Emys Can Moragues with the aim to show to the citizenship the organisation’s activity and help in the environmental and social development of the area.

Welcome Fundació Astres

Is with the aim to bring into the equation the social part that Fundació Astres becomes a member of this partnership, improving the occupation and attention of the people from collectives in risk of exclusion from the area in quality jobs.

A Sustainable development example

From this collaboration and with a strong aim to be a transformer project rises Can Moragues as a meeting point between society and nature with practical examples of what sustainable development is in our country.

Can Moragues organic jams and sauces

The first step on this collaboration is l’Obrador de Can Moragues, a production plant to elaborate organic jams and sauces. The products are made by people from collectives under risk of exclusion from fruits and vegetables grown by farmers that preserve biodiversity with Fundació Emys.

A gateway to sustainable farming

El Rebost is a second step in this direction, we want to work from a holistic point of view farmed biodiversity conservation and provide citizens with organic fresh local varieties from our lands.

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